Tents and Tarps Ministry

Homeless people sleep either on the street or in camps.  Most have a little camp set up in the woods.  A tent and a tarp are priceless to a person that needs a dry place to sleep. Since most tents tend to leak a little, a tarp is normally placed over the tent to keep it dry during heavy rains.  A tarp can also be used to keep other supplies and gear dry.  Providing some string or cord is also very helpful.

You would want to purchase small tents.  A two man dome tent is perfect.  I have found them at Walmart for $15 – $20.  When they are on sale just buy all you can.  Tarps run about $5 each.  If you are on a tight budget then just provide tarps and string (cord).

Giving them out is simple.  You simply ask a person or group if they need anything.  If they need a tent they will tell you. You can also ask if they have a dry place to sleep.  If they already have a place or if they are traveling through town they will often decline your offer.  Also, you would want to remove the scan tags so that the tent cannot be returned.