Takin it to the Streets (Homeless Ministry) Pensacola Florida

I want to do a special post and talk about “Takin It To The Streets” which is a ministry of Ensley First Baptist Church.  

“Takin It To The Streets” is an outreach program sponsored by Ensley First Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida. Jeff Henry is the pastor of Ensley First Baptist as well as a personal friend of mine.  When my family began working with the homeless in Pensacola virtually every person that we met would tell us, “You need to meet Pastor Jeff”.  I would hear that over and over again.  I finally met Jeff while we were doing a service at the Waterfront Mission and we have been friends ever since. Jeff, his family, and volunteers from Ensley First Baptist work hard to serve the needs of the less fortunate in Pensacola.

nothing lost ensley first baptist“Takin It To The Streets” is a non-profit ministry of Ensley First Baptist that reaches out to the homeless, the very poor and the down and out in our area.   They don’t just invite the homeless to come to church, they actually go out and pick them up from all over the city.  They provide hair cuts, showers, clothing, a hot meal, tarps, bug spray, a church service and best of all, transportation to and from the location.

Ensley First Baptist is raising money to build a shower facility for the homeless. This facility will include separate showers for women and men as well as a washer and dryer for their clothes and a clothing closet.  The church will open the showers during the week and also on Sunday afternoon.  Church vans are used to transport people who need showers and other services to and from the church facility.  They are trying to raise $15,000 to accomplish this goal.