New Testament Ministry

This ministry is most effective when combined with other ministries.  That way the person who recieves the Testament will place more value on it since someone who did something kind gave it to them.  If possible, write their name in the front of the Testament as well as yours as the giver. You can also write a special verse that you would like them to read.  John 3:16 for example.

If you only give out the Testaments and do not combine them with another ministry then you can tuck a dollar bill inside so that they can buy a burger or a coke.  Or you can put a McDonalds gift card inside. 

As Christians we all know the power that the word of God has and how it can change a persons life.  This change is important for those of us who have everything as well as those who have nothing.  Without some change in the way a person thinks, they will continue the same pattern of behavior for the rest of their life.  Without the Gospel and without love, every ministry on this site is only a temporary fix.