Lords Supper for the Homeless

This is a very simple yet very effective little ministry that you can provide to a small group of homeless people or to an entire camp.  The vast majority of homeless are familiar with church and many are Christians.  Because of this they are very familiar with the observance of the Lords Supper.  If they have a Catholic background then they would know it as communion.

Having the Lords supper or Communion for a group of homeless individuals is a great way to present the gospel through sight, touch and taste.  You can do this weekly, bi weekly or monthly.  Here is all you have to do.

Purchase some unleavened bread from the ethnic section of your grocery store.  Purchase some grape juice or wine.  (we use grape juice)  You will also need some small plastic cups.  You can read the Biblical account of the Lords Supper first and then go to 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 and read that text as you partake of the elements.

Start with the bread.  It is best if it is unleavened.  Give each person a large enough piece of bread so that they can actually break it before they partake of it.  Before you read the scripture in Corinthians explain how the bread represents the body of Christ and how he was broken for our sins.  Explain how he took our place and explain how breaking the bread and partaking of it shows our remembrance of what he did and our faith in what he did for us.

Next pour the Grape Juice or Wine.  Use clear plastic cups so that people can see the color.