Homeless Survival Guide Ministry

The Escarosa Coalition on the Homeless (ECOA) puts out a “Street Survival Guide”.  This guide is 32 pages long and contains virtually every agency that can help a homeless person or any other person in need. This publication is worth its weight in gold to a person that has found themselves on the streets of Pensacola with no where to go.

This is a very inexpensive ministry to start.  The guides are 10 cents each and are available at the ECOA which is located in the Brownsville Baptist Church building off of Cervantes.  The contact information is as follows :

Phone: 850.439.3009

Fax: 850.436.4656

Mailing address: P.O. Box 17222 Pensacola, FL 32522

Physical address: 2601 West Strong Street in the Brownsville Baptist Church Building

Email: Info@escarosa.org

If this was all you gave a homeless person then it would be a good start. Many of them already have the guides so don’t be surprised if they don’t need one.  If they are new in town or just recently homeless it is likely that they do not know about the guide.  You can also distribute the guides to Thrift Stores, Churches, Pawn Shops and other places where the homeless would seek help.