Go Phones and Minutes Ministry

NOTE – This ministry is intended only for homeless people who are diligently seeking a job and who do not have any alcohol or drug issues.  If you give a phone and minutes to the wrong person you are just throwing your money away.

The ability to communicate can be a great asset to anyone, especially someone seeking employment.  If you put an ad on craigslist seeking employment the employer has to have a number so that they can reach you.  If you are calling about help wanted ads then you have to have access to a phone also.

A Go Phone is an inexpensive cell phone that a person can buy minutes for as they need them. A Go Phone minutes card can be used to add minutes to a phone.  Go Phone is a trademark of AT&T.  Other carriers have similar by the minute phones  Basically, if a person has a Go Phone and a minutes card they have all they need to begin communicating with employers and assistance programs.

Let me just say that if you decide to try this ministry you need to be very selective about who you provide a Go Phone to.  It needs to be someone that you know is trying to find work.  The idea is for them to use the phone to get work, not to call and talk to friends.

A Go Phone runs about $15 at Walmart.  You can buy several different minute cards.  $15 cards are easy to find.  You can give the phone only or the phone with a minutes card.  Once the person has the ability to communicate you may want to look into a Craigslist Ad Ministry.  This phone is in no way tied to you so there is not a downside other than the cost of the phone.