Clothing for the Homeless Ministry

This is a personal favorite of mine.  A friend and I drove over to the Super Thrift on 9th Avenue to purchase some clothes for some of the homeless people on North Davis Highway.  We had written down everyone’s sizes and quickly had a stack of clothes picked out.  As I went through looking for shirts I found one for me, then two, then three, then four and so on.  I was amazed at how nice they were.  When I was done I had purchased over $500 worth of designer shirts for myself for only $15.  That is of course in addition to the ones I purchased for my friends on North Davis.  My point is this.  With this ministry you will end up saving more than you spend.  Especially if you have a family.

With that being said, homeless people need clothes just like everyone else.   In the summer they need shorts and shirts and in the winter they need warmer clothes.  At a thrift store you can clothe 6 – 7 people for less than $20.  Shirts run around $2-$3 each and pants run maybe a dollar more.  If you let the owner know you are purchasing the clothes for less fortunate people they will often give you an additional discount. 

By the way.  The Super Thrift is part of the Teen Challenge Ministry so when you support them you also support the wonderful work they are doing in our community.