AM / FM Radio and Headphones Ministry

Imagine yourself sitting on the side of the road or in the woods all day with no work, no home and no place to go.  Sounds pretty depressing. 

You can buy a small AM/FM radio for about $10 and a set of earbud headphones for a dollar.  Give this to a homeless person and you have made a friend forever.  Now they have free access to news, weather and entertainment.  All for around $11.  They can get replacement batteries at the dollar store and as long as they keep their radio dry it will last indefinitely.

I get mine off of Amazon.  If you purchase several at one time you can get free shipping.  I get batteries and ear phones at the dollar store. 

Batteries can be expensive.  It can easily cost $10 to refill a boom box with batteries.  If the radio is left on all night then the next day new batteries are needed.  Money is better spent on food than batteries.  Hand crank radios can be purchased for as little as $15 each.  They are small but effective and never need batteries.  I am trying this idea out and hope it will be a good solution to the expense of always buying batteries.